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Of birthdays and interviews

Celebrated Hannah and Aziel's birthday at church today! Thanks to Guang En for the cake, though im the only one who thinks that it's too rich and bitter hee but still very appreciative of what you've had done :) Anw, thanks to Aziel for helping out at the preschoolers today. It was full attendance today but thank God for Aziel :D pity aiping couldn't come.

Going for an interview at TTSH tmr, wish me luck people! God, if it's meant to be, please guide me on and lead me and also give me a calm and composed heart and mind to ace the interview. Time to sleep and gear up to get ready for week 2 at NYP Physiotherapy, J corridor, Library, Lecture halls and North-South canteen. Give me the strength and energy to continue on my dream, thank You.

attachments and a part of you is gone.

we attach ourselves too closely to people sometimes and when they are gone, a part of us is gone too.

someday, somewhere

Yesterday marks the end of our CE2C, was at TTSH MSOPD. 5 weeks really flew past! Had our inservice at the very last day and also did up all the handmade cards (feel so proud of myself) and pasted everything. Cleared all the transfer summaries, discharge summaires and writing up all the case notes. Teehee so glad to complete everything! :))

Our CEs were awesome! Really really great, having to take care of us, imparting new knowledge and skills to us, helping us deal with patients and having to give us hint when we are really lost for Rx plans. Really glad to have them as our CE this time round. I have really learnt alot from this placement, esp shoulder! Having interest and enjoying shoulder from now onwards YAY. esp swimmer's shoulders that are winged hahaha.

Really thank God for giving me good health, determination, energy and the capability to continue this 5 weeks of clinical attachments. Having to deal with non-compliant patients, patients who do not do their exercise properly and well, patients who did not make any improvement. Haha these are all part and parcels of our life i guess.

And in another 3 weeks time, I will be a YEAR 3 student! Looking forward to school and meeting up with all my new and old friends again! :)) learning more about the spine yay woohoo so interesting!

till then; ciao!
A quote that I came across while surfing the net.
From 'Speech by Minister at the Launch of the Customer-Centric Initiative (CCI) for the Healthcare Sector'

"Another lady patient who had knee joint replacement wrote in about her experience in the TTSH physiotherapy department and I quote: “Though this department is visibly very stretched because of the large number of referrals, I was given the best possible care which came in the form of Mr Keith Adam, who was assigned to my case.  He was very knowledgeable, patient and gave all his patients the emotional support to get through this difficult road to recovery.  This was in contrast with other hospitals where patients who cannot follow-up the exercise regiment were treated as if they were “time-wasters”, causing many to drop off the physiotherapy programme prematurely.  Based on my experience, physiotherapy sessions are a critical part of the recovery process.  However, let’s not forget that the emotional support is equally as important because the therapy sessions can be traumatising and indeed painful.  Having an understanding therapist helps a great deal.  The Ministry of Health and TTSH management really need to give physiotherapists due recognition when they have done an excellent job and TTSH’s Mr Adam is a shining example.” 


I hope to be one of the physiotherapists who receives recognition from the patients, and I want to be one who make therapy sessions very interesting and fun thus patients would love to go for my sessions.

Btw, thats our CE hahahaa.
1st week at TTSH flew by. I kinda have a feeling that it was so much faster than the inpatient days! Dont know why though haha. TTSH MSOPD was with kmli, ps, bull, jieying and JC this time round. My 2nd attachment with kmli, yay so fun! :))

and and and of course we had great supervisors! like mark, michelle, ken and adam HAHAHA. They were really nice to us, teaching us and giving us tutorials for the first few days, making sure that we know our stuffs and also guiding us along the way. 1 week down and 4 more weeks to go! hope that i'll enjoy and learn alot during my OPD attachments :) btw, ttsh is really nice, wouldnt mind getting bonded there teehee.

btw, friday was the last friday of the month and starbucks was having half-priced! so the 4 of us sat around starbucks, waiting for our drinks. we also had a great chat then :D

gonna read up more on shoulders and finding what we're gg to present for inservicce :) gambette!

ps: thank God for listening to my prayers. I'll continue dedicating my whole week to you.. week after week :)

in a woman's ♥

"Inside every woman's heart is a girl who dreams of a prince charming. Maybe not the perfect one she imagined when she was a kid, but someone who can appreciate and love her for who she truly is and sweep her off her feet. "


Yesterday, a stranger told me that I have a cute smile and am pretty. I was totally over the moon! Teehee :))

And my childhood bud replied me yesterday. Though he didnt reply immediately, but he still did :D he told me to help him wish my grandma and family a happy new year :))))

Yesterday was a happy day :D 


Last sunday, I helped out with the preschoolers, and since it was emma and marcus's birthday during the past week, Mummy Fiona baked cupcakes for the kids! The cupcakes were gorgeous, icing on the chocolate cake and they look soooo pretty!! :)

So we sang the birthday song, and each kid got their own share of cupcake. How gleeful they looked, smiling at the cupcakes, licking it yumyum! Dalet and Tsadeh were still young and they can't seem to remove the paper, thus they just buried their face in the cupcakes!! HAHAHA they looked soo adorable. Teehee.

In future, when I get married and have kids, I believe that I would choose to be a stay-home mum.. looking after my kids, seeing them grow up daily, slowly.. not wanting to miss out any single moment spent with them during their development phase. Learning and cooking new recipes every single day, sewing for my kids.. bringing them out to the park, swimming pool etc. Haha, then my husband would definitely have to work hard to earn lots of money to take care of the whole family! And he must teach my boys how to play soccer :) OH, i also don't mind being a soccer mum! Hehe, bringing the kids for training and watching them train :))
Cute kids with cute cuppies!Collapse )Cute kids with cute cupcakesCollapse )

It takes two hands to clap

I don't like the feeling of having to wait.

when life gets tough, take a kit kat!

A few more days and it's going to be clinicals time! Really don't know how exactly I should feel now.. Should I be Anxious? Dreading it? Excited cause it's time to learn new things?

Btw, I'll be going to CGH inpatient wards, haha where my brother is working, where alan is going to have his operation, where max is LOL. Hahaha. I should actually have an open mindset, yes i should. Haha, so CGH, HERE I COME! :D

I've got my practical test today with cc. HAHA he was one funny dude, it was the most fun and interesting pract test I've ever had. Lights dimmed, music playing in the background etc. Overall, it was okay haha :)

And I also dont know what else I want to talk about... Life's going to be tough! But I'm going to be tougher! :D